Our work

An innovative and inclusive approach.

We believe that economic growth, when inclusive, is the most powerful driver of poverty reduction. The purpose of the Uniterra program is to change the lives of some of the world’s poorest populations by stimulating growth and fostering access to the benefits of growing markets for people who are most excluded. To make this happen, the program has teamed up with more than 170 partners on the ground to develop competitive, inclusive economies, especially ones that favour women and all youth.

Create new economic opportunities for women and youth.

Women and youth are important actors in the economy, yet many face challenges in reaching their full economic potential.

Over the past 25 years, disparities between women and men have decreased in many sectors – including formal rights, primary education, health, and labour force participation. The combined effects of poverty, discrimination and lack of opportunities, however, continue to impact on women in many different ways.

In the 14 countries where the Uniterra program intervenes, a large proportion of young people aged 15 to 35, and particularly young women, face significant barriers to active and gainful employment, leaving a majority of them living in poverty and marginalized in society.

Through an approach that seeks to work from within the existing market systems, the Uniterra program works to support the development and expansion of economic opportunities, and foster an environment of inclusivity for women, female and male youth. The program engages with economic sub-sector actors, be they private, non-profit or public entities, as well as associations, training service providers and others that have the potential to initiate or further create links for sustainable livelihoods, decent employment or entrepreneurship.

Our 2015-2020 objectives

5.6 million

5.6 million people will improve their economic and social conditions in the program’s 14 countries of intervention. Of whom 60% are women and 50% are youth

6 million

6 million Canadians will learn about the importance of inclusive economic development.