International Seminar

Connect and collaborate with other young innovators from around the globe

For over 65 years, the Uniterra International Seminar has offered Canadian students and young professionals a unique experience to exchange and share knowledge across cultures. First initiated by WUSC in 1948, the Uniterra International Seminar connects youth across regions of the world to collaborate on a research project linked to local organizations in Africa, Latin America or Asia.


2018 International Seminar in Ghana

The 2018 International Seminar will be held in Ghana! This year's theme is Women in Entrepreneurship.

What: Bringing together young entrepreneurs from Ghana and Canada.

When: October 14-27, 2018

Where: Accra, Ghana

Deadline to apply : Canadian recruitment is closed. Currently accepting applicants from Ghanaian participants.



Selection Criteria

  • Identify as youth (be between the ages of 18 and 35); 
  • Have a business venture or startup in the incubation or infancy stage ;
  • Interest in exploring and discussing barriers that women in entrepreneurship face both in Canada and Ghana ;
  • Interest in international development and international issues; 
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment ;
  • Strong teamwork skills ; 
  • Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in new situations ;
  • Interest in creating cross-cultural connections and networks ; 
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills ; 
  • Proficiency in written and oral English.

How do I apply?

Your application should include the following documents:

  • CV; 
  • Cover Letter; 
  • A short description of your venture that includes the following (maximum 3 pages) : 
  1.  Describe your enterprise or business venture 
  2. What have been and are your motivations driving your venture? 
  3. What have been some obstacles or barriers and what strategies have you implemented to overcome them? 
  4. What long-term impacts do you expect to achieve? 
  5. Any other relevant information to help us understand your drive and aspirations.

Send your completed application to the Uniterra International Seminar team by email at

Eligible and interested Ghanaian Seminar applicants should submit the following documents and forms by August 17, 2018.


About last year's International Seminar - 71st Edition in Bolivia 

When: July 2017

Where: La Paz, Bolivia

Who: 21 youth leaders from Bolivia and Canada (post secondary students and recent graduates)

Theme: Sustainable Community Tourism




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