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How to share your experience in Canada

The Uniterra program can help you to organize an outreach activity after coming back in Canada:

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Set up your fundraising page with RAISIN!

  1. If you are volunteering in one of the following countries (Ghana, Malawi, Mongolia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam), click on the following link: wusc.akaraisin.com/uniterraen
  2. Then click on REGISTER start creating your own fundraising page.
  3. If you are volunteering in one of the following countries (Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Haiti, Mali, Nepal, Senegal), click on the following link: ceci.akaraisin.com/uniterraen
  4. Then click on REGISTER start creating your own fundraising page.
  5. Read the RAISIN Fundraising Tool to know how to set up your fundraising page. 
  6. Watch this tutorial to see how to create your online fundraising page step-by-step. 


Design standards

Download the Guide of Uniterra's Design Standards.

Visual identity

The Uniterra logotype must always be placed together with the WUSC and CECI logos and its unilingual description, “A WUSC and CECI program”.

You can download the Uniterra program logo : 

Referencing Global Affairs Canada 

The contribution of Global Affairs Canada must be clearly and visibly identified in all publications, advertisements, web pages, promotional products and any other kind of document or product released by the Uniterra program.

Authorized use of the Global Affairs Canada logo or the wordmark “Canada” constitutes a different form of public recognition and must be compliant with the rules set out by the Government of Canada.

The following statement must be used alongside any use of the wordmark “Canada”: “The Uniterra program receives funding from the Government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada”.

Download the Global Affairs Canada signature, Government of Canada signature and Canada wordmark.

Wikiterra: The virtual library of the Uniterra program

Would you like to learn more about the Uniterra program, our volunteers and partners? You can find a wealth of information in our virtual library which has been created by and for Uniterra program volunteers, local partners and staff.