Partnership Brokers

A winning collaboration!

The Uniterra program works with Canadian businesses interested in making a contribution to sustainable and inclusive economic development in the program’s countries of intervention. The program matches businesses with local program partners based on mutual interests with the goal of creating jobs for women and youth. Whether looking to invest, responsibly source supplies, diversify operations or increase their market share, Canadian businesses can rely on the Uniterra program to establish sustainable business relations and help make their overseas projects successful.

Customized services for successful partnership brokering

Becoming a Uniterra program partner gives you access to:

  • A qualified country office team to facilitate the establishment of partnerships
  • Networks and spheres of power in targeted sectors
  • Consulting throughout the various phases of the project development
  • Mutually enriching exchanges between Canada and partner countries

Experience and reliability

The Uniterra program is a pioneer in innovative partnership networking between Canadian organizations and developing countries. We have worked with more than 50 Canadian businesses and organizations over the past ten years. These collaborative experiences, combined with our field knowledge, are assets in the brokering of partnerships that contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic development in the countries where we work.

How can my company become a partner?

Canadian businesses must submit a concept paper explaining their project, the existing partnerships or partnerships to develop with the program’s country of focus, an assessment of the project’s feasibility and the outcomes sought in terms of added value for women and youth in the target countries. The projects must be focused on sustainable development outcomes.

What can the Uniterra program concretely do for your business?

Partnership development support is provided by way of exchanges between employees of Canadian businesses and program countries (bi-directional) wherein skills are shared and mutually-beneficial development takes place. Exchanges can occur at various stages of the partnership’s development: during exploration and identification, the development of a joint business plan and while that plan is being carried out. In addition to the partnership, the Uniterra program will offer participating businesses, guidance and training.

Are there participation fees for businesses?

Yes. All partnership brokering activities are based on a principle of 50-50% financing between businesses and the Uniterra program. In addition to staff exchanges, which is the main program activity, the Uniterra program is able to co-finance tailored activities if these activities contribute to achieving the program objectives. Activity proposals will be analyzed and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Can a business in a program country submit a partnership request?

Yes, if the Canadian partner has already been identified and is ready to get involved and submit a joint request.

"For an SME like ours, becoming a Uniterra program partner helps us effectively carry out our operations in Africa and develop the skills of our Canadian and African employees. Our project will help create good jobs in Senegal and Burkina Faso."

CEO of Équipements KN Inc., 2014​


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