Campus activites

A network of involved youth on campuses!

On over 75 university, college and cégép campuses, WUSC local committees form an important network of youth getting involved in development. These young people raise awareness among their peers and the Canadian public about international development by organizing outreach activities and taking part in international volunteering.

WUSC’s local committee network reaches beyond Canada! Local university committees were also established in Burkina Faso and Ghana following the 2005 and 2008 International Seminars. Committee members focus on youth-driven economic development and gender equality and organize discussions with local Canadian committees on topics of specific concern to youth.


Get involved in your campus

If you would like to join a dynamic team of young, committed students, become a member of a local committee on your campus or create one yourself!

Here is what awaits you when you embark on this adventure that will develop your leadership skills and greatly enrich your education. Get involved by:

  • Taking part in unique learning opportunities in international development.
  • Applying your academic skills by becoming an international volunteer, through Students Without Borders and the International Seminar.
  • Promoting international solidarity and raising awareness in your community about the main challenges of international development.
  • Sponsoring students and student refugees so they can study in Canada.


Participate in a conference series on campus

Each year, the Uniterra program helps local committees organize conference series to:

  • Bring together development experts, young leaders and local organization representatives.
  • Discuss challenges that young people face throughout the world.
  • Share successes and explore innovative solutions to address development challenges.


Discover the #OneWorldInAction inspiring actions 

Discover the inspiring actions of the #OneWorldInAction photo exposition participants who contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world, in Canada and overseas.

Download the posters of the exhibition #UnMondeEnAction

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