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Sarah Saska


MAS Intimates opened for business in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1987. Over the next 30 years they built their company into an international force leveraging their strengths in clothing design, apparel manufacturing, and textiles production into solutions for their global clients, including Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and Lululemon. Their state-of-the-art facilities located in 15 countries provide jobs to over 82,000 employees.


Sarah is a powerhouse in her own right with a unique set of skills. As a multiple award-winning scholar, researcher, entrepreneur, strategist, and investor, she brings a gender lens to all of her work.

When MAS Intimates, reputed for its ethical and sustainable working environment, decided to increase the effectiveness of its empowerment program Women Go Beyond, Sarah was a perfect choice to fill the role.

Sarah states, “MAS Intimates’ work force is 80% women so including them in strategic planning is critical to the company’s success. This includes recognizing their important contributions and truly understanding their needs as employees. We know that companies that include women at all levels of decision-making are more successful in every way – financially, environmentally, socially – than those that don’t. It fits perfectly with Uniterra’s goal to support women and youth in building economic opportunities.”

Sarah consulted with hundreds of people during her time with MAS to better understand the work culture of Sri Lanka and of the corporate culture of MAS. Based on the findings of her research, she was able to provide a concrete set of recommendations and policies which were actionable immediately. She shared these recommendations through presentations and workshops with senior leadership. The MAS team is pleased that these actions will build on their already solid reputation and contribute to the bottom line while improving the lives of women.

Now back home in Toronto, Sarah adds, “I was thrilled to have this opportunity to share my skills with MAS and, at the same time, to learn from the wonderful women I met there.”

Sarah’s inspiring spirit shines through in all she does and though she was volunteering with MAS, she was not out of pocket. She was pleased to discover that Uniterra would cover her travel, training, and accommodation costs as well as provide an allowance while living in Sri Lanka. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.

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