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Monique Bouchard is an entrepreneur who focuses on a strategic approach to ensure the success of communications. A collaborative team player, she has used her skills to create positive change in her home province of Quebec and in the beautiful African country Senegal.


In her career as a Communications Director of an Entrepreneurship Foundation and a municipality, she is focused on crafting and distributing high impact messages and brands – that get results.

Working in Senegal with an association that represents over 10,000 rice producers has been a career highlight for Monique. It has allowed her to create marketing materials that have a positive effect on small farmers and their families across the country. Through promotion and outreach, the association created increased awareness and more opportunities for local producers to sell their rice which increased the income of rice producers. Because small-scale rice production is led by women and youth, this has been a real boost for them.

Monique states, “It was an amazing opportunity to start from the very beginning, with a strong and clear strategy to help the association become a leader in the promotion of locally grown rice. One of the Uniterra program’s major themes is the economic empowerment of women and youth and the opportunity to promote locally grown rice alongside rice producers was very exciting. They were incredibly ambitious and entrepreneurial, contributing enormously to the overall success of the outreach.”

She continues, “I am often asked if I would recommend this type of assignment to others and my answer is always, without hesitation, ‘Yes!’ I have found a great deal of satisfaction in my work in Senegal supporting local agriculture and commerce.”

Monique was pleased to discover that, by going overseas with the Uniterra program, she was not out of pocket. The Uniterra program covers training, travel, and accommodation expenses as well as providing a stipend while on placement to cover living costs.

Monique personifies the entrepreneurial spirit we see in many of the volunteers who work with the Uniterra program by generously sharing her expertise, her enthusiasm, and her passion for business.

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