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Jean-Marc Courmier


As a communications professional with experience across many sectors, Jean-Marc passionately represented the organizations he worked with and advocated for their interests. When he considered his options for retirement he realized he wanted to continue the important work of his career and now brings the same passion to his work in Senegal.


He works in partnership with national organizations representing foresters, rice farmers, livestock producers, fishers, and horticulturists. He advocates for their interests by creating high impact communications strategies. His work is based on the premise that empowering women and youth to be a strong driving force behind economic development will benefit individuals and families all across the country.

Like all communications professionals, he begins with the end in mind and works in partnership with his colleagues to set out goals and objectives then creates a roadmap to get there. He loves both the high level planning work and the challenge of rolling up his sleeves to implement the plan.

During his time in Senegal, he has been busy: He has produced a 26-minute documentary, developed a number of websites, written web and social media content, participated in a number of stakeholder consultations and public events, and trained hundreds of people in media relations, communications planning, and implementation.

Jean-Marc states, “It is an honour to work with the women and youth who bring such insight and strategic thinking to our planning. It has been exciting to see them benefit from the communications training I have delivered and, in turn, I have learned so much from them.”

Though his job title contains the word “volunteer” Jean-Marc is not out of pocket as his costs, such as accommodation and travel, are covered. He also receives a small allowance to cover his day-to-day costs while living in Senegal. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.

Jean-Marc embodies the spirit of the volunteers who work with Uniterra by sharing his knowledge and experience, his joie de vivre and his passionate spirit.

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