Your business skills – as communications, marketing, finance, and accounting professionals – are in high demand. In an ever-changing marketplace on the world stage, your expertise is crucial to help build a sustainable global economy. Now is the time to #GetHighered by contributing your skills. And don’t be fooled by the term “volunteer” in the job title: You will have all your travel and accommodation costs covered and be paid a living allowance to cover costs while you are working overseas. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.


People. Planet. Profits. These are important considerations for any business in the twenty-first century.

When Sarah Saska was offered the chance to work with a textiles company in Sri Lanka she knew she would have the opportunity to make an impact by contributing her skills as a management consultant with expertise at the intersection of gender and innovation: The privately held company, MAS Holdings, is valued at $1.6 billion USD and approximately 80% of the employees are women. With this work, she started down a path to create positive change for thousands of women.

Sarah has inspired women and men at every level in all the companies she works with and though she had the title of volunteer and worked overseas, she was not out of pocket. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.



David Ishmail ran a financial and management consultancy for many years in British Columbia, working on several international contracts.

However, there was no way he could have anticipated that he would find himself, early in his retirement, working as a Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Advisor for tea farmers in Malawi. He is equipping small-scale farmers with skills in business management, bookkeeping, and financial literacy.

This, in turn, allows the farmers to develop agri-business plans for long-term, sustainable growth. It’s inspiring work in an industry important to Malawi.

#NotVoluntourism #EarningByGiving



For many years Jean-Marc Cormier has been a successful, results-driven communications professional creating positive change in Canada.

His passion? Developing communications strategies that have a positive financial, environmental and social impact, then working with a team to implement them.

Now retired, Jean-Marc is working with organizations in Senegal and though his job title contains the word “volunteer” he is not out of pocket as his costs, such as travel and accommodations, are covered. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.



When Helena Arroyo saw the opportunity to combine her market research skills with her experience as a lifelong environmentalist she was thrilled. Working with global players in the waste management sector, she was able to apply her creativity, business sense and resourcefulness to creating a marketing study to support partner organizations in Guatemala to become more competitive players on the global scene than ever before.

She also delivered workshops to the Ministry of Culture, municipal governments, women’s cooperatives and youth groups to inspire new product development vis-à-vis their eco-design.

For her it has been an adventure and though she has the title of volunteer and is working overseas, she is not out of pocket. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.



The delicious national dish of Senegal, tieboudienne as it’s known locally, is rice and fish. That is a testament to the importance of rice to the local economy. However, much of Senegal’s rice is being imported. An association of entrepreneurial rice farmers work tirelessly to change this and promote locally-grown rice.

Monique Bouchard had the opportunity to collaborate with the Senegalese rice producers by sharing her considerable expertise in promotion and marketing which supported them in increasing food security, especially for women and youth.

For her it has been a chance to contribute to the common good and though she has the title of volunteer and is working overseas, she is not out of pocket. This is #NotVoluntourism. It is #EarningByGiving.